Overlay your HR and Payroll information and integrate with your garment provider/s to ensure your staff is allocated uniforms correctly, against corporate policy.

Track and manage correct cost centres, coding and reordering of stock levels. Ensure new staff arriving (issuing) or those leaving (uniforms returned) are properly looked after with the right information at your control.

Manage recycling or reissuing or new brand roll-outs.

Manage uniforms from top (hard hats) to bottom (shoes). Ensure unused branded uniforms are tracked and disposed.

Spend that isn’t "under management" is difficult to analyze because information is scattered throughout the organization, in very different formats and varying levels of quality.
The average organization has only 55-60% of its spend under management, while best-in-class performers manage close to 85%. If a business can achieve 5-10% savings on spend under management, an increase from 55% to 75% can generate an additional 1-2% of savings — and put procurement on a path to exceed typical annual savings in the range of 7-10%.