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Data Driven Decisions

Simple software for your business and your suppliers
enabling you to apply the 80/20 rule

Nobody wants to be dealing with 20 things when they can manage one. Make the 80/20 rule work in your favor.

Fringe lets you build rules to drive actions and visibility across every aspect of your organization; track results and manage costs intelligently. Turn your 'spend-undermanagement' into net profit.*

  • Use real-time information about your indirect spend - which typically makes up 50% of total spend - to drive down your rogue costs.
  • Focus your time, resources and strategic attention on the big spend categories and suppliers to bring about real value in time and money.
  • Leverage your existing technology to easily capture, measure, analyze, and report information that helps to optimize your supply base.
  • Do business with the suppliers you want to do business with - not with a pre-curated supplier base that you have no relationship with.

Less than the cost and effort of those old and cumbersome procurement software players.

* For every dollar that is placed under management of the procurement department or process, the average enterprise sees a benefit (cost savings) of between 6 and 12 percent." - HCMWorks

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Companies are recognising that they need to be smart to advance the management of their indirect spend categories, where typically half of business cost is incurred.

"Up to three quarters of procurement professionals globally have little or no visibility across their indirect spend" - HCMWorks

Fringe, developed over a six year period, provides visibility and accountability across the many verticals of indirect spend and highlights the inefficiencies and waste.

Proven measurable benefits include rationalisation of suppliers, refining back office processes, strengthening supplier relationships and ongoing audited fiscal savings.

The DNA of Fringe is a unique and intelligent algorithm, continuously incorporating emerging procurement and data-driven technologies.

Fringe is a secure and configurable platform that retro-fits easily into existing business systems and has already been adopted for use by organisations spanning many industries in both Government and the private sector.

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Assets & Contract Management

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Purchase Orders

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Neutral supplier-agnostic platform

Integrate once with Fringe and then never worry again about
managing system changes when your procurement model
or supplier's transition.

Business Intelligence

Fringe enables accurate data analysis through connecting the right decisionmakers with the correct data - at the right time.

Business Rules

Fringe lets you build business-centric rules, define your own from an existing library that enables you to measure and influence behaviours.


The Fringe DNA categorises incoming data - from multiple sources - into workflows that are configurable and fully auditable. They can be built to compliment your business in every way. Compliance and policies can become routine.


A fundamental part of improved business intelligence. Fringe provides global, local compliance and historical reporting. Timeline agnostic, it also enables both forecasting capability and an unbroken historic view.